What the Heart Knows: A Milford-Haven Novel - Book One (Milford-Haven Novels)

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The story line was fine, not great, but I felt there were too many characters for such a short book. Thank goodness for the charcter listing at the back to keep everyone straight. As far as editing is concerned, there were some typographical errors, which really b This book is published by an independent publishing company. As far as editing is concerned, there were some typographical errors, which really bugs me as an English teacher! View 1 comment. I read this book in a week, which considering that I am a teacher and mom to a 2 year old, that's pretty quick.

It was a quick read and I am curious about the series pans out, but I don't have that urgent need to buy it. It's one of those books I'll check the library for or wait til I find it on sale.

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My major gripe is that there were too many characters thrown in, with not enough time spent on some of them to be able to easily recall who they were. May 20, Lisa rated it did not like it. It is rare for me to not at least like a book. My usual policy is give it 50 pages and if it hasn't sucked me in then it's not worth my time. This book didn't seem to even make sense by 50 pages, so I stuck with it. I really wish now that I wouldn't have bothered. May 27, Erin Chavez rated it it was ok. I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway.

I enjoyed the author's description of the quaint California seaside town, but ultimately found the book hard to get through and it didn't really hold my interest. I can see that the author intended this to be like a soap opera, but I expected at least a couple of the story lines to be resolved. There were so many different characters and subplots that I felt some of the stories were barely beginning when the book ended.

May 11, Christine rated it did not like it Shelves: first-books. Oh my! I do not like to be harsh, but if I had bought this book, I would have never finished it! There were way to many characters 28 to keep up with in one book. It is NOT an easy read. I had to keep going back and re-reading what I had already read to catch up with where I was at! Not memorable. I think I need to quit getting pulled into a book just because the setting is in San Francisco.

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I am not really into "sagas", especially when absolutely nothing is resovled in one of the books. This is the first in her Milford-Haven series, and I will not be continuing with them. I just was not involved in the plot or with the characters enough to continue. These books were written for a radio serial and they are basically a serial soap opera about a town on the central California coast.

Great characters running from scheming, to innocent and naive Advance Reader Copies available as of April Hardcover will be released September Really annoying that the story just abruptly ends with no conclusion to any sub plots. Weak plot, poor characterization, blah ending. Not worth my time. Too many characters without distinguishing personalities.

Will not be reading any sequels. An easy read. First of a series, not sure about reading the rest.

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May 20, Judith Lott rated it it was amazing. A very good read - now I need the next book! This has a quite different - and intriguing - format, and it leaves you wanting more! Thank you, Goodreads, for a wonderful experience. Jul 26, James rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone who loves a good sweet story.

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Lovely characters. Sweet story. Won via Goodreads Giveaway. Horrible writing. Nowhere plots. Flat characters.

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  • Why do we read? Because reading throws open a window into new realms of possibility The world I've created is "Milford-Haven" -- a small coastal town on California's somewhat undiscovered Central Coast. It's a town of both small town simplicities and global complexities. But it's also a town of infinite possibilities YOUR possibilities.

    I Why do we read? A new series set in coastal California lured me into its depths this weekend. Mara Purl delves into the psyche of her characters with numerous paragraphs to reveal a character's thoughts. I especially like that Mara provides a list of characters at the end of the book, and would appreciate if more authors followed this practice. The scenery swims around the characters in the words of Mara and through the eyes of Miranda Jones, an artist. Cattiness and deception flow from many of the women, and true friendship shimmers in the distance.

    Ruthlessness and aloofness gush from the men, who hide any hint of feeling.

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    I see the characters on a disastrous journey with the ice berg hiding, but ready to plummet the individuals into chaos. Mara utilizes the scenery and nature in the story to provide a sense of calm and danger, as the reader wonders what has become of Christine Christian. The murder mystery which was the draw in reading this for me was tied up well enough but I mostly felt that this was all just to set the stage for the next in the series.

    I did enjoy the feel of the setting.

    Honestly, I didn't commit all the characters to memory because I was more focused on the dead reporter resolution. Even so, I feel that this wrapped up well enough to be satisfying even as a standalone if you decide not to read the remainder of the series. This is a light enough read for the weekend or while travelling. I had a tough time getting into this book and also was feeling confused about how all the characters fit together.

    It definitely is setting up for the series and none of the storylines came to a conclusion, so it left me with a "that's all? I've never been a big soap opera fan. It was a quick read though! What the heck is a platform step or an agenda book? Zack and Jack, Susan, Samantha and Sally This had a horrible non-ending.