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The practice is in no way related to religion.

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Parlamentarier Dr. Deshalb nehmen wir hier den Standpunkt der Scharia ein und nicht denjenigen des Gesundheitsministers und anderer. El Mundo Madrid berichtete:. Male circumcision and sexual function in men and women: a survey-based, cross-sectional study in Denmark. Kalifatsfreund Nadeem Elyas am Die FGM kommt. Diese Entwicklung muss gestoppt werden! Klinikbetrieb integriert, oder aber mit ernster Miene verboten worden. Ein bisschen verbieten reicht dabei, auch nach der acht Jahre alten, bis heute geltenden Rechtslage.

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Ziel sei, die fraglos noch risikoreicheren Hinterhofbeschneidungen zu verhindern. Eltern, die darauf bestehen, sollte die Prozedur angeboten werden. The procedure should be offered to parents who insist on it. In Islam and Judaism, male circumcision is a must while female is not.

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Mark A. Geburtstag am 1. Noch die geringst invasive Form der FGM ist weder im Namen des friedlichen Zusammenlebens nach beim Integrieren des Islam durchzuwinken, sondern strafbewehrt zu kriminalisieren. Nur so ist eine der Wissenschaftlichkeit und nicht der Seelenrettung verpflichtete Medizin global durchzusetzen bzw.

Let the boys decide on circumcision […] We request our governments to take necessary measures to ensure that boys are given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not they want to be circumcised. Let the girls decide on circumcision […] We request our governments to take necessary measures to ensure that girls are given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not they want to be circumcised. Antony Lempert. Die FGM ist islamisch. Hans Lilie Hrsg. Cut [slightly] without exaggeration. Sobald der betreffende junge Mensch schariapflichtig geworden ist, d h.

Kritik an der islamischen Beschneidung kann doch wohl nur vom Satan stammen. But let me say this loud and clear: FGM has nothing to do with religion , culture or tradition. It is nothing but the most cruel form of suppressing women and the most cynical form of child abuse. But of course people justify the practice by saying that it is part of their culture or that their religion demands that they mutilate their daughters.

But this is not true. No religion in the world demands FGM ; in fact, FGM is the breach of the most basic rules of many, if not all religions. Circumcision is obligatory upon men and women according to us i. Deshalb folge man der Ansicht der Scharia und nicht derjenigen des Gesundheitsministers We are taking the opinion of the sharia in this matter and not what the health minister and others say.

Jede Meinung kann vertreten und diskutiert werden, nur nicht das, was der Prophet Muhammed … festgestellt hat.

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Any opinion can be debated and replied to except for that of Prophet Muhammed …. Jacques Auvergne. Bei Allah gerne gesehen und auf Erden zu empfehlen, wird eine Auslassung der entsprechenden Handlung nicht bestraft. The majority of fatwas that permit or recommend Muslim female circumcision lean toward it being commendable or meritorious act on the part of the woman.

Yusuf Al-Qaradawi schreibt Fatwa. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi […] Am 2. Female genital cutting has always been seen as an ancient ritual practiced in Africa and to a lesser extent in the Middle East, but a new global assessment documents for the first time that it is widespread in one of the most populous countries in Asia: Indonesia, where almost half the women are estimated to have undergone it. The addition of Indonesia is largely responsible for raising the global tally of women and girls who have undergone the practice to million from million […].

Aus den Bildbeschreibungen.

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Many religious leaders in Malaysia, like their counterparts in Thailand , believe the procedure as practised there is so minimally invasive that it should not be called mutilation. Imam Abdullah Abu-Bakr of the Committee of Islamic Council of Yala says Muslims in the south are more observant than their co-religionists in Bangkok, because there are more foreign-educated imams and fewer distractions, such as the entertainment hub of Bangkok.

He himself was educated in Syria and Malaysia. Berichtet bei Parlmany. Man errege sich also.

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Das Parlament kocht. Asking him whether people should follow scientific or religious thought on the matter, the MP stands by religion. The MP had told Parlamany that leaving a girl untouched by the procedure is wrong, while stating that overdoing it is also incorrect. Von: Aya Nader, auf: BeCause, BridgEgypt BE. We are taking the opinion of the sharia in this matter and not what the health minister and others say. Quelle: Clarion Project.

Egyptian MP and doctor Ahmed El-Tahawy says female genital mutilation FGM , from a medical and religious stand, is a necessity as long as it is performed in the right way, a statement that raises questions over longstanding efforts to fight the phenomenon in Egypt. The Demographic and Health Survey showed that the FGM rate in the reproductive age from 15 to 49 stands at 92 percent.