They Eat Puppies, Dont They?

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Buckley - has become almost by default the satirical bard of Washington, D. A congressional committee canceled its latest project, a jumbo jet-size predator drone nicknamed Dumbo, so what can the company do to keep the federal dollars flowing? How about stoking anti-Chinese outrage among the American taxpayers by spreading a rumor that intelligence agents from the People's Republic are plotting to assassinate the Dalai Lama?

Christopher Buckley on his new book, "They Eat Puppies, Don't They?"

Like Nick Naylor, the hilariously amoral Big Tobacco flack in "Thank You For Smoking," Buckley has created a host of outrageous characters that seem just a bit too real for comfort. There's McIntyre, the lobbyist who would rather spend his days knocking out unpublishable techno-thrillers a la Tom Clancy; Angel Templeton, his Anne Coulter-like partner in the scheme; Myndi, his self-indulgent wife who is obsessed with competing in an Olympic equestrian qualifying match taking place in China, and Bewks, his amiable but somewhat dimwitted brother who spends his time dressed in Confederate gray as a Civil War re-enactor.

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Buckley describes her as "tall, blond, bluff, leggy, miniskirted. As Washington government officials react to the phony assassination plot, the story shifts to Beijing where moderate Chinese President Fa Mengyao struggles to convince the world they have no desire to kill the Dalai Lama while simultaneously maneuvering against the hard-liners in his own government who think it might not be such a bad idea after all.

McIntyre and Templeton, as combatants in a war they created, develop an attraction for each other. The White House Mess , a parody of White House memoirs, established from the start of his career that Buckley had perfect pitch for the mendacious sincerity of Washington, D.

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His targets included White House sex scandals, Islamism, bloggers, and the Supreme Court nomination circus. Yes, I believe the time has come to educate the great dumb American public — God love them — to educate them about the.

They Eat Puppies, Don't They? by Christopher Buckley

If we can do that, then those limp dicks and fainting hearts and imbeciles in the United States Congress — God love them — will follow. Bird enlists the help of Angel Templeton, a dead ringer for Ann Coulter. Could someone tell me — please — why America, the greatest country in history, only gets one century? And by the way, who decided this was going to be their century?

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Some thumb-sucking professor at Yale? Together Bird and Angel cook up a scheme. They plant the rumor that Beijing is out to murder the Dalai Lama. In the hospital in Rome, he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is given two months to live. But here the plot thickens. Everyone, it seems, would prefer to see the Dalai Lama dead — the Chinese to remove the face and symbol of anti-China resistance, the Americans to blame the Chinese. And when the Dalai Lama finally dies, it is not clear if the cancer killed him, or if he was murdered; and if so, by whom.

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National governments are basically spy agencies, he seems to be implying: plotting against enemies foreign, domestic, and inter-agency is the principal form of government work. Equestrian Team and he would write the checks. Is being a novelist considered some kind of disability? Along with Chris Matthews, he is the only character in the book to appear under his own name.

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All that. Not just for the reader, but for the characters in the novel too.

Everyone who comes in contact with him is affected by him. Without any sermonizing at all, Buckley offers a serene and alluring image of anti-politics — the life of religion, which gives meaning to human conduct. The U.

With wings.