The Gringos Guide To Driving Through Mexico & Central America

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While Panama is more expensive than other Central American countries, its natural beauty is unsurpassed. Can you imagine hundreds of idyllic, deserted islands scattered through warm seas; densely forested wilderness; […]. Guatemala is the birth place of the ancient Mayan Ruins, Rain forests and natural beauty.

Guatemala is a vibrant, colorful land characterized by its proud ethnic cultures, towering volcanic peaks, lush jungles, colonial architecture and staggering Mayan monuments. Guatemala has it all ranging from the highlands […]. Located in the heart of the Central American isthmus Honduras stretches from the Pacific to the Caribbean, its interior a mixture of gargantuan national parks, Mayan relics and colonial towns.

The largest country in Central America is still one of its least visited. What to take the adventure of a lifetime? Yes, we all do! Are you one of them? But you are different. Ever dream about visiting Mexico and Central America in your own vehicle? Maybe even with your dog?

2. Guatemala

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For those of you that want take a trip to the tip of Baja and explore the exciting areas around Cabo, we'll also have some great information coming out in Gringos Guide has been updated with exciting new information including links to website and a beautiful new layout. Buy the guide today or get the subscription, you''ll love it! The policeman will certainly know. He apologized and waved my friend through.

Generally, the tactic of planting drugs on people is only practiced in heavily trafficked tourist areas. The police therefore are forced to resort to unethical means in order to make a living in these places. My friend feels the same. Gifts occupy a different strata in the system of negotiation. They are used when some future consideration is required, or after an official favor has been provided. Gifts can be small or large, depending on the circumstances and the wise person will have an ample supply ready for any event.

I operate seven small businesses in Belize. I naiively assumed I could skate by without them. I was wrong, I finally allowed the guy to stock up on resources so that he could do the job I was paying him to do:. Now… to be fair to the authorities ….. For all I know the business manager that I hired started his own retail outlet somewhere and is still living off of the proceeds.

Favors, likewise, are part of the system. They have no negative connotation, and they require gifts whose magnitude reflects the magnitude of the favor.

Guatemala Hotels and Places to Stay

The reason for this, I believe, is the sense of unease created by the image of highly organized, insolent, largely illiterate men with fully automatic weapons catering to the whims of anyone with spare change. The military should uphold the system, not practice it, as my friend and philosopher Paz once said.