The Fiendish Plot of Doctor Cyclone: A Science Fiction Space Adventure for children

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A visitor to a distant world that was once dominated by a cruel race finds herself in danger while touring the remoter part of the planet. For some reason, officials have charged her with being a survivor of their ancient enemies, and suddenly she is fighting for her life.

Omnibus of Golden Witchbreed and Ancient Light, with an added short story. An amusing and fascinating documentary account of the aftermath of the earthquake that completely destroys the state of California. The discovery of a new drug that stimulates sexual responses. An empty city on a mysterious planet. Ascendance Pocket, A war fleet attacks the space station. The life of James Kirk.

Long Mirage, The Pocket, Original Sin Pocket, While exploring unknown space, a first contact goes awry. Plagues of Night Pocket, A Star Trek Typhon Pact novel.

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The future of Bajor is about to be decided, but the political tensions cause fracture lines even among the supposedly unified priesthood. Sex aboard an interstellar ship.

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Nuclear armed submarines are the focus in this story of nuclear brinkmanship that reaches the danger point when a maniacal submarine commander decides he has the right to change the course of modern history. A spoof of nuclear brinksmanship films with a mad scientist, frantic generals, insane aircraft pilots, and a final nuclear war. Fails to capture the insane logic of the film. A bizarre new virus causes people to erupt into uncontrollable rages. The transformations seem to be a new epidemic, but it might also presage the advent of a newer, more violent strain of humankind.

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An interesting variation of the werewolf theme. A secret research institute guarded by the military is the site of dangerous investigations into the power of the human mind. The children under treatment there aren't being cured so much as encouraged to use their unusual powers, and the results soon get completely out of control. Not really surprising. Marginal spy thriller in which a volcanic eruption prevents the conquest of India. See Jazz and Jasper.

Jazz and Jasper Duckworth, MacDonald, , as My Sinful Earth. MacDonald, , as Doom. End of the world. My Sinful Earth. Episodic adventures in the future. Almost unreadable but historically fascinating travelog of the future when cities float in the air and people travel between the planets almost casually. Actually written in but never previously published. Earth is occupied by alien invaders for a short period of time, during which they learn many new technological secrets.

A group of inventors creates a Utopian society.

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A previously unsuspected parasite living in a lake infects the minds of people who swim in it, causing them to perform violent acts. A plague breaks out aboard a space station, killing all but one of the crew and threatening to spread to Earth. It is eventually traced to bio-organisms that were being studied after being extracted from the site of a meteor strike. See also collaboration which follows, and with Barry Longyear. A Planet of the Apes story.

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The apes culture is on the verge of open warfare as the gorillas among their number seek to dominate the other species. During a period of change in command, a hard luck starship runs into a bacteriological infection and a corrupted artificial intelligence. Two boys on the moon become the subject of a massive manhunt when word spreads that they possess the secret of a totally new form of artificial intelligence. The Phaestor are tightening their grip on the galaxy, but a growing group of rebels is finally developing the ability to strike back and start a revolution against the brutal rulers of all human space.

War With the Chtorr 2. An expedition back through time to the age of dinosaurs runs into trouble when its members take their safety for granted and underestimate the danger. A Star Trek: Next Generation novel. Opening episode of the series.

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The Enterprise sets out with its new crew to investigate a series of strange events revolving around a gigantic station set in space, and discover an unknown form of space dwelling life. Kirk is off to rescue a lost generation starship from being destroyed by falling into a super black hole, but before he can help, he has to convince them that the crew of the Enterprise is human and not a bunch of demons, and resolve a generations old conflict between two factions. Three brothers from a broken home discover that their father is trying to entice them to leave Earth for another world against the wishes of their mother.

As they travel up to orbit around Earth, they also suspect that he is involved in some illegal activity. Three youngsters smuggle themselves and an artificial intelligence off Earth, but in the process they get involved in a mutiny and other dangers. Deliberately convoluted novel about a time agent who undergoes sex change operations and multiple time loops that result in one of the most tightly knotted time paradoxes in the literature.

War With the Chtorr 1. An invading alien race that resembles giant worms has devastated much of the world, importing their own vegetation and lower animals which begin to overwhelm Terran flora and fauna. The human military engages in a desperate effort to root them out and destroy them. A crippled spaceship has difficulty making repairs because a saboteur left a creature aboard that continues to undermine their efforts, while evading capture.

A new crew member is initiated into the group, and finds a way to tip the scales in their favor. The story of a woman on another world who is convinced that she has a destiny to fulfill, and proves it when a cataclysm wracks her planet. War With the Chtorr 3. A soldier dedicated to fighting the aliens invading Earth is captured and brainwashed by a cult that has emotionally surrendered and now worships the Chtorr rather than fight against them.

War With the Chtorr 4. An adventure involving a genetically designed superman who is part of the means by which a sprawling galactic empire attempts to retain control of its farflung branches. A genetically engineered warrior race that was designed to protect the human race seizes power and imposes a ruthless dictatorship. On one remote world, an army of outcasts, androids, aliens, and oddballs organizes a resistance movement.

After badly mishandling its first encounter with raiders from a warring alien empire, a military starship attempts to redeem itself by performing heroically in defense of a star route widely used by commercial ships supplying the other combatant. Bantam, , revised. Harlie is a self aware computer who, along with his creator, struggles to define his rights as a sovereign being despite conservative political sentiments, frightened citizens, and greedy commercial interests who would prefer to see him classified as property.

Revised edition, Hamlyn, , Bantam, as Starhunt.