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Reliability, from the first turn of the key. Sheely Years to Smelt Recovery? The good news is that the feds are fi- eulachon smelt recovery could take 25 to nally working on plans to recover Columbia The Northwest smelt population de- years, with an estimated cost of about This month arrived with the bad River smelt. Salmon and take 25 to years to get it done.

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But the population crashed sharplyepic lows and may not come back for Our smelt, aka eulachon, are hugely again in and , and with predictions Smolt Survival Flunkingyears, but on the upside—the Whooshh popular for recreational dipping, frying and for more poor ocean conditions over the next More bad news. Because if these on record between McNary and John Day dams.

First up, smelt.

The Yakima River salmon fishery also Biggest hit, though was in the Snake shut down on the 22nd. Those are fish lier in the season than normal and about beauty of great fishing days. Most years 29 percent are through Funded by the Bonneville Power Ad- before being counted. All were releasedinto the tailrace of Lower Granite Dam and and cutthroat are still legal on the Cowlitzelectronically monitored as they migrated River.

The bad news is that the fall chinook Fish managers had hoped for a four run was falling so far below the mostpercent adult return, and would have optimistic predictions that sport-fishingsettled for two percent. They missed both for kings was closed before the run wasguesses.

The historically low adult returns finished, and in late October WDFW alsoand high smolt mortality combined for closed coho and king retention on the Northreturns that fall well short of both goals. The idea behind the study is to esti-mate the survival of yearling hatchery and WDFW had originally hoped thatwild chinook, and both hatchery and wild 3, hatchery fall chinook would crosssteelhead and wild sockeye through all the Cowlitz Barrier Dam this year, and thatthe dams in lower Snake River.

Survival hatchery workers could collect 1, fishwas then also recorded below Bonneville for broodstock. Dam and from Rock Island Dam throughBonneville. That hope crashed. By October only chinook returned, and fish managers NOAA now estimates mortality at 45 dropped their expectations to hopes thatpercent with a 65 percent survival rate for eventually at least 1, would be availableyearling chinook hatchery fish from Snake for hatchery propagation.

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River hatcheries. While lower than the pastthree years, the 10 year average is Estimated survival for wild yearlingchinook from Lower Granite to Bonneville On the Green River, only chinooktailraces was just The hatchery brood-stock goal is fish. In a recovery plan was put ODFW hoping to get a few more kids into together by the Upper Columbia White Yakima creel checks for the season the outdoors.

This is the first sturgeon retention Sturgeon Recovery Initiative UCWSRI recorded 4, angler trips, catching season between Wauna and Bonneville with three objectives: 1 determine popu-adult kings, 18 jacks and 21 coho. Resident senior anglers almost dou- since , according to ODFW. The Oregon legislature approved it Another round of increases is in the catch and eat. At that time, the wild populationand ODFW is implementing it. Next year it There was another opening in June was estimated at about 3, fish, mostlywill cost more to fish and hunt in Oregon.

A full posting of and planned in the estuary but angler turnout was so adults. The states anticipate reducing the tial causes for low wild fish numbers mostcense, according to ODFW, will drop from opened the lower Columbia for two days catch guideline in the estuary by of which center on Columbia dams.

Dams that change and slow the Saturday Oct. Multnomah Channel, will remain closed to sturgeon retention. The Gilbert River on There is also evidence that river food Sauvie Island remains closed to all angling. Columbia River reservoirs. Only hatchery fish with built without ladders ef-adipose fins clipped can be kept.

November 2017

Three years ago Washington Dungy opportunities. No tribal crabered to the point where a month-long sport Earlier this year, sharing in Oregon. Bag limit: two a day. Potential two ocean bays, Grays Harbor and Wil- Coho were reintroduced into the Idaho locations included lapa, do offer more opportunity than PugetClearwater system by the Nez Perce Tribe, Sound with a 10 month season for pots, sixafter being declared functionally extinct in Dory skipper Mark crab daily and 6-inch minimum.

Ocean crab-Dam about 30 miles downstream from bing is also year-round except for a briefLewiston. Last year on the same date, 1, closure Oct. The year average is 1, adults and jacks. Well the system is stillworking and better than ever. Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reser-vation are now using it to collect summerchinook for hatchery stock. And they love it. The tribalwhooshh tube was used on the Columbiaat the Okanogan River confluence and ata weir 17 miles up the Okanogan. The system involves a flexible tube,and volatile pressure differences thatimmobilize and hold anadromous fish inplace, in water, while quickly and gentlymoving—whooshing—the fish through thetube from Point A to Point B.

The tube hasbeen used to move salmon over hundredsof feet. The Whooshh system moves adultkings boat-to-truck in about seven seconds,with no mortality, injury or egg damage. The system has been tested on severalspecies and in other locations, includingthe Washougal and Yakima rivers with no. Blame the Blob? The Columbia River steelhead run could be the lowest in 50 years.

The warm oceanphenomenon known as The Blob may be the reason why. And Hot weather and corresponding warm so far — was nearly equal to the year Idaho Department of Fish and Game the sockeye, too. Idaho, for example, closed fall Idaho Department of Fish and Game said. While the harvest of steelhead after just crossed The sockeye run, though, is a differ- As of August 14, sockeye had beenrun is not considered complete, the disap- Lower Granite Dam about 30 miles down- ent story.

The sockeye count of 87, fish counted at Lower Granite Dam, and 25 hadpointing number so far was just 12 percent stream from Lewiston. The year aver- through August 16 was far below the been trapped in the Stanley Basin whereof the recent year average of , fish age for that date at the dam is about 6, In Washington and Oregon implemented rolling of the ,fish forecast. Most sockeye a hatchery.

The sockeye run is about species. The Snake River component, an records, the summer overall was not too While Columbia River temperatures endangered species, numbered just fish stressful for fish.

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The Granite Dam, the same as in Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife salmon and steelhead. Many fish are be- Bonneville, less than but close to the pre-lieved to have simply starved.

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Unfortunately, decades of thriving commerciallivelihoods. So report lost nets as soon as possible. Since then, the Initiative has removed in excess of 5, derelict fishing nets and 5, derelict shellfish pots restoring over acres of marine habitat in Puget Sound. More than , animals were found in the removed gear, representing over unique marine species.

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This is where they need your help - newly lost nets will not be found and removed unless someone reports them. Fishermen, if you lose any net gear this season report it within 24 hours to ensure prompt response and removal. Removals are free, and your net may be returned to you promptly. Anyone may report lost nets, so if you see what you believe to be a lost fishing net please report it through one of the channels listed below.

Report lost nets at: www. Arriving on scene, Officer Becker saw two subjects standing around a small fire on the bank of the river. A partially submerged pickup truck occupied the middle of the water. It turns out the two men wanted to explore the possibility of fishing elsewhere by driving off the gravel bar and entering the river to reach the opposite side.

The trip across seemed to go smoothly enough, however the return trip proved to be more challenging as the vehicle slipped into a hole, where it died. The vehicle was eventually removed from the river and towed to an auto body shop. The driver was cited for driving while being suspended and for the hydraulic violation. Officers Recover Trophy BullOfficer Stout assisted Officer Ludwig after two tribalmembers had failed to track a wounded elk after making unethical shots at a herd of elk near the mouth of theSauk River. Shortly after their volley of gunfire, the tribalhunters left to go home, falsely assuming they missed.

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Of-ficer Ludwig was able to locate blood almost instantly. Theofficers tracked the animal for several hours and locateda bull bedded in thick brush, unable to stand up. The Of-ficers dispatched the fatally wounded animal, gutted it, andprepared the carcass so that it would cool and not spoil. The Officers laid out a flag line and took GPS coordinatesso that the bull could be easily recovered. The tribe wascontacted and their enforcement eventually packed out thebull. Reports will be completed and forwarded to the tribefor the possible wastage and unethical hunting practices.

The following are real life events meant to pro- deter the man who Officer Foss watched from the Multnomah County Marine Unit snaggers was able to successfully land a fishvide a snapshot of fish and wildlife police activ- catch and retain a steelhead. These examples were submit the fish for inspection, the person said ets for operations on the Oregon side of the cited.

The other two subjects are well knownselected to show the diversity of issues Fish he was a tribal member, but he refused to pro- river. The man failed to appear and was found offenders to the officers, and were warned.

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Any One of them had two outstanding fish andon patrol protecting your natural resources. Much later that evening, Sgt. Deputy Chief Jewell and Sgt. Christensen helped serve a days. It is believed thatCenci can be contacted via e-mail at mike. Another non- he knows that the jails capacity limitationscenci dfw.