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A Soldier's Values and Standards

Lack of shelter, blankets, and even water left many regiments exposed and unprotected from the cold, rain, or heat. Sunstroke, frostbite, and malnutrition were all common problems for soldiers while traveling or at camp. But he was still disappointed not to be in a battle yet, where they could show that they were not cowards. For many soldiers, the war was not about being pro or anti-slavery.

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Both sides had soldiers who joined not for a cause, but because they saw it as an opportunity to travel, prove their bravery, and experience battle. These soldiers soon dis-cover-ed the harsh reality of war. There were , soldiers on both sides who died from battle, disease or accidents—, Union soldiers, , Confederate soldiers. Sultana disaster One of the worst peace-time naval disasters in American history happened to soldiers after the war ended.

Mercian regiment soldiers on Army life in Afghanistan

Between 1, and 1, men died in the explosion. The exact figure is not known. The explosion was probably caused by a sloppy repair to one of the ship boilers. Read more about the Sultana disaster here.

Contact us: info tn4me. Sadly the meat was mostly fat. This and a shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables was responsible for many soldiers to suffer from upset stomachs! Soldiers were allowed to write letters home and were given free postcards or headed paper. But most letters were read by an officer who checked they did not give away secrets or spoil morale. During the first Christmas of the war, something unique happened in some parts of the Western front.

On Christmas Eve, soldiers from both sides put down their weapons and met in no man's land. Men from both sides gave gifts to each other. The Germans gave sausages to the British and the British gave the Germans chocolates.

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  5. On Christmas Day, a British soldier kicked a football out of his trench and the Germans joined in. It was reported that Germany won the match The British High Command did not agree with the truce.

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    They even suggested the Germans were planning an attack. They were ignored and no guns were fired on Christmas Day The truce lasted until the New Year in some parts of the Western Front. But it wasn't long before soldiers on both sides returned to life in the trenches. Find out more about the start of the war, how it is remembered today and how it changed people's lives for ever.

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    Which new weapons were used in World War One? What was life like in a World War One trench? What things were in a trench? Start activity. A typical day in the trenches 5am 'Stand-to' short for 'Stand-to-Arms', meaning to be on high-alert for enemy attack half an hour before daylight 5. Watch our video to learn more about life in the trenches.

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    What items did soldiers keep in the trenches?