Shaped by the Potters Hands

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If you change your mind, you can easily reshape the clay into something else. What happens to a piece of clay if you forget and leave it out for a long time? It dries up and gets hard doesn't it? That makes it very hard to mold it into what we want it to be. That reminds me of what was happening to God's people during the day of the prophet Isaiah. In our Bible lesson today, Isaiah is very upset and is begging God to come down and change the hearts of his people.

How can we be saved? No one calls on your name or pleads for your mercy. You've turned away from us. That sounds pretty hopeless, doesn't it? Well, Isaiah didn't think so. He knew that if people would turn back to God, he could mold them and shape them into what he wanted them to be. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We are formed by your hand. Please don't be so angry with us, Look at us and see that we are your people. Just like the people in Isaiah's day, we sometimes stray away from God and our hearts become hard. There was that need to face my own insecurities and my own concern with what other people thought of me!

I had to deal with the comparison game and looking at other people who I felt were FAR more qualified than I was. I had to come to terms with the fact that it was ok to be unqualified! God uses the unqualified all the time throughout history! It was for others, not someone like me!

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I had to finally face my fear and choose to believe what God was telling me instead of the lies the enemy told me. I had to pray my way through trial after trial as the enemy tried time and time again to stop me with distractions and problems and stress. God takes us, as Jeremiah 18 says, as the potter takes the clay, and He molds and shapes us, puts us through the fire where we battle our doubts, our fears, the harsh words of critics, the laughter of naysayers, and we come out a beautiful work of art that He can use.

God takes us, as Jeremiah 18 says, as the potter takes the clay, and He puts us through the fire where we battle our doubts, our fears, the harsh words of critics, the laughter of naysayers and we come out a beautiful work of art that He can use. You are a beautiful piece of art formed by the hands of God Himself. And like silver, you are refined! You can do whatever God calls you to do, whether it is to lead a ministry or lead a toddler.

Whether you are to teach thousands or teach those in your own home. You are a gift that God has handcrafted.

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So never despise the fires you go through because it is those fires that mold you and shape you. Longing to draw closer to God? Used by permission.

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I appreciated the point that he uses the ordinary to do extraordinary things. I actually wrote an article on this a short while ago. May God embolden us to believe in His will for our lives. I have faced nearly the same battles with my writing! God has clearly told me to write.

The Potter's Hands Shapes Our Lives

I have been through much refining fire…it is necessary and useful, but not very pleasant! So thankful God chooses to use us, ordinary people! Thanks for the great post! Blessings to you! This spoke to me on so many levels. I think I was afraid of success. Like what if I do well then I have to keep doing it and coming up with ideas and I almost quit.

But like you said God is enough. Jesus plus nothing equals everything. Thanks for telling your story. I know fear of success may seem an odd thing to some but it is very real!! Thank you for your comments!! Diane, today I spoke at a local church at both services. Before the first service, I prayed for myself. Before the second service, I prayed for God to move hearts and to move through me, opened myself to Him, clay in His hands.

I appreciate these words, especially today. Praise God that we are molded by the Master Potter!

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None of us enjoy the refining process, but we can always look back and see the faithfulness of God in the midst of the fire. Blessings to you, and may the Lord continue to use your gift of writing and passion for the Lord to touch the hearts of many! Thank you so much Christin!!! I so appreciate your kind words and your support as well as the support of BVN!!

Your life is a testimony to how God can work through a yielded lump of clay. Praise God for you and answering Gods call! Thanks for having the courage for sharing your story in such transparency and honest way. The Lord has talked to my hart in such profoundly way that maybe only one like you could understand what I mean. Your story has given me that booster that I was desperate need it.

BUT A POOR REFLECTION: Shaped by the Potter's hand

It is true; nothing gets lost with Him, no even our mess. He uses everything and every one for His Majestic purpose. God Bless you, and thanks again. Society today is so inward focused. When something bad happens we tend to think why me! Instead we should think I wonder who God is going to use me to help in this!

Life in the potter’s hands

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