Scrapbook Layout Sketches Volume 2

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Every single photo layout and idea you have in this blog post is just lovely. Thanks for putting all of this advice into one post! I love how special and personal this is, really want to make one myself it must be so rewarding to see the finished book :p. I love the idea of smaller books to fit on my bookshelves!

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I would love to get back to scrapbooking. However, we have to get a house set up before I can. We still have boxes and piles everywhere.

So until I can get it down to a manageable mess my blog will have to continue to be our scrapbook. Though, I might just do that — get a printed version of the blog and add some extra photos to it. This post has really inspired me to create some albums of my family. Thanks for sharing Elsie!

Thank you for some great ideas. This is gorgeous. I have so many photos and nothing creative to do with them. This will be a project for my summer! Gives me time to save up for the printer too. Thanks for sharing! Your album has inspired our second volume! This post came at the most perfect time!

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I absolutely love the idea of printing out photos, but could never figure out exactly how to organize them. Thank you for always keeping me inspired! Such a fun size to work with! This is by far the coolest scrapbook printed I have ever seen! I scrapbook but not like this. I print the pictures individually and use all the die cuts, different papers and all that jazz that one can find at any craft store and can spend at least an hour on page. I just wanted to say that my boyfriend has the EXACT same bike as your husband but the tires are white and I have the same bike as you but I have the baby blue one!

Reading your post has inspired me to look into printing them myself! Love how this turned out Elsie! You are so ambitious! Man- yours is awesome! But this… This is perfect. And I am going to do this. So much. This is so perfect!! My husband and I want to build your dining room table, can you give me the measurements and what kind of wood you made? As always the pictures are so pretty! Thank you Elsie for sharing this beautiful album. I have been your blog follower for 7 years, no kidding…I visit ur blog every single day.

Im so so glad that you are finally back to scrapbooking. You truly inspire ppl. This is great.

As someone who has dabbled in the industry, I became tired of design teams needing to load product on pages and reduce photos per page so more pages are required. Hi Elsie, love the blog, seriously! I, too, was wondering if you would do a post about your thoughts on the pros and cons of making an actual book whole year via shutterfly, mpix, or blurb vs.

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I have been throwing the idea around of having a huge book made for some time now but after seeing your post I see there is a simpler way to scrapbook as well. I know that ink can sometimes be very expensive. I love the idea of this scrapbook you did but not sure if I am creative enough to follow thru.

So inspiring! I love the layouts you did, but I am now motivated to start myself. Totally inspired to scrapbook now!! This is beautiful! This turned out so beautifully! That printer is amazing! I want to make more of an effort because time goes so quickly and this is such a wonderful way to keep memories. Hi Elsie, where are your letter stamps from? Any leads would be appreciated!! Absolutely love this idea!! I like this look and approach much better than traditional crafty scrapbooking.

You make me wanna skip work and class and rush home to bury my head into working on this!!! I always love your posts on scrapbooking, I am just curious where you get the plastic inserts? It seems like you always have a massive variety of layouts and sizes. How many pages would you say are in this album, and do you think the binder could hold any more?? What a useful tutorial for beginners of scrapbooking! Your photos are so charming!

That is so gorgeous- you can see how much love went into it! I just created yearbooks for our first two years of marriage and thought that was good! So inspirational! That book is beautiful!! I made a couple of scrapbooks for friends birthdays when I was younger and was very proud of them at the time!

Definitely need to sit down and do one for myself sometime! I like how you use a binder and the pocket pages. Like I wrote many times I love that idea with a pics and album. Before many years we had it to..

"Storytime" Baby-Themed 1-2-3 Scrapbook Sketch and Layout - April 2019

But now.. I love this! I scrapbooked a lot in high school, got out of it in college, and really want to document our married life. Love so much your work! COuld you tell me a site in internet to buy sheets like yours??? I cannot found them in my city.

Creative Sketches, Volume 2: Creative Sketches for Scrapbooking

I use to prit my photos and add them to a classic photo album but your solution is way more creative, thank you for sharing this! I plan on scrapbooking our 3 year relationship from right when I started dating my bf! I would highly recommend building the table for your space. Measure your dining room and build one the size you want with room for chairs to easily pull in and out of place.

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  4. I am curious about the printing. I do love the scrapbook look! I agree about the book hanging over on the shelves. Because we have adjustable wall mounted shelving in our office, all I would need to do is buy longer brackets and deeper shelves to make it work. But — no matter which format people choose — the most important thing is to back up your pictures and then print them off and enjoy them — and record the memories!!! I see teens making scrapbooks because aside from enjoying on it, scrapbooks can keep their memories until the reach older age.

    Scrapbook making can also be enjoyed by moms and their kids. Are you still doing Project Life style pages too?