Raising Grace

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Preview — Raising Grace by Mia Pride. Vicki McGough Editor. But one night, a practical joke went bad, and the joke was on me. I lost Crystal that day, and along with her, all I ever wanted. Soon, I had a daughter to raise, but when Grace was diagnosed Brent In college, I had everything I could ever want: A budding career and the love of my life, Crystal Macintosh. Soon, I had a daughter to raise, but when Grace was diagnosed with autism, her mother took off. Crystal Brent Stevenson broke my heart in college. I never knew why he did what he did, but it took years for me to bury the pain — with bad dates, one-night stands, and my passion for working with kids with autism.

Just when all my hard work was about to pay off, I discovered the man who ripped my heart out years ago was now the financial investor of my biggest project. After being assigned to work with his daughter, in his home, I find myself facing some hard truths. The baby that once drove us apart, is now the little girl bringing us together.

Raising Grace is a full-length steamy, romantic comedy that will tug at your heartstrings and prove that love knows no boundaries, nor does autism. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages.

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Dec 03, Maggie Whitworth rated it it was amazing. This one tugs at your heart and not just with the child Grace, but with Brent and Crystal and Amber too. From a situation where everyone was hurt by one careless prank from a person who got away untouched by the fallout, to all of them coping with the end result and dealing the best way they can.

Brent destroyed by a mistake that was forced upon him. Crystals confusion and hurt and lack of trust because of his betrayal. Ambers total breakdown and denial dealing with the parenting of a child with autism , all forced on her at too immature an age , even if it was her own deviousness that caused it.


Well done Mia , a really difficult subject covered stunningly well. Highly Recommended! I received an advance copy of this book and chose to submit a review Nov 28, Kari Maass rated it really liked it. I hoped at some point Brent would tell Crys what happened that night in college as it is a current topic college men and women have to cope with. I really enjoyed this story. Dec 16, Rozzie rated it really liked it. They graduated high school together, depended on each other and were even living together.

Raising Grace

Crystal and Brent were meant to be together. Six years later when Brent and Crystal meet up again Brent is a successful investor and Crystal has built a robot to help children with Autism. Will Crystal ever find the strength to forgive Brent for what he has done or will Crystal turn her back on him and his daughter when they need her help?

This wonderful book written with such strong emotion and poignancy ends up touching even the most cynical and hard hearted of romantics. All of the imperfect true to life characters end up leaving their indelible impression on your heart and soul. In a sense this contemporary romance will unsettle some because of its sensitive nature but there is a lot to like in it too. Crystal starts out as the carefree happy in love heroine but turns into the bitter, uncaring and cold hearted person she is today.

Sure she has a lot to be upset about but she does have one redeeming quality her love of Autistic children. At times she is even a jerk to him especially how she uses him but it is all forgivable. Now Brent on the other hand is a great hero! Yes he makes a big mistake but he has always regretted it and never stopped loving Crystal.

So that is what makes him so likable that he is willing to forgive himself, stand by his mistakes, be a good example of a single father and still be loving to everyone including the ones who hurt him the most. Hopefully there will be more stories of all the other characters in the future. This book is definitely a book that makes everyone feel the trials and tribulations of young heartbreak but love is just that much sweeter the second time around! Jan 05, Suzannah rated it liked it. Raising Grace is a contemporary romance.

It was not my cup of tea. I quickly tired of the f-bomb being dropped every few paragraphs. In my mind, that particular word is just foul and distracting. I did like the hero of the story Brent Stevenson.

He is a man who walks in loyalty and honesty. Her medi Raising Grace is a contemporary romance.

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But this book, it was a struggle to get through for me. She was also completely self centered. There are quite a few steamy sex scenes in the story. And I'm not really sure why this book is being referred to as a romantic comedy? Just wasn't funny. I will stick to Ms. I was gifted a copy of this book. Dec 14, Lori D rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , emotional , love-the-author , second-chances.

A powerful story that touches on so many subjects that are in the world today. Being young, Brent and Crystal seemed to have everything. Until suddenly they did not. But one terrible night, with a plan by someone else to break them apart and their lives changed forever. Crystal broken hearted and Brent, in the end, left with an autistic child, Grace to raise. It seemed everyone lost in this situation but really so much was gained. Even if they did not know it then. But a fated meeting years A powerful story that touches on so many subjects that are in the world today. But a fated meeting years later, when ironically or was meant to be Crystal's passion and work in life was for kids with autism.

She meets Brent again when he is the financial investor in her biggest project to help the kids. You have to mull over the things taught in this book and really get to grips with the biblical principles behind it. So despite not being a fan to start off with, I am falling in love with this.

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Our role is to fill the time delay between human disobedience and diving consequences. What is there to lose?! Like me, you might just find a really valuable resource for the rest of your parenting years. Confession time. I have mostly avoided reading any parenting guides for the last 20 years. Is it the fear of being exposed as a substandard parent? Or do I resist the challenge of having to think about tackling difficult family issues in a new way?

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This book encourages grace—focused, God—dependent parenting. It is a small book, only 79 small pages long. The main take home message is that instead of desiring a parenting how—to manual, we should parent our kids of any age by being teachable disciples of Christ ourselves. When tension arises at home, our temptation is to see the other family member unruly child, angry husband as the enemy. The author paraphrases Eph 6 to remind Christian parents that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces of evil.

So our role as parents is to unite the family against a common spiritual enemy, rather than fighting against each other. Also, grace—directed parenting will never mean that we act as if our kids are perfect. So we deal realistically with our children, admitting our own sins, faults and imperfections. We remain strongly involved with them and filled with hope.

Every congregation should have at least ten of these.