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Launcelot finally makes his way to Corbin, physically and mentally broken. He is healed by the holy Sangreal. After this, he moves to the castle Joyous Gard with Elaine and Galahad. This is the most prized treasure throughout the entire Christian world at the time. All of the knights are dispatched to find the Sangreal. Galahad and kights set out to find the grail. He encounters numerous trails and performs miracles along the way. Launcelot is also in search of the Sangreal, but he knows that he lacks the faith for the task and struggles to redeem himself.

He must wrestle with temptation and purify himself along the way. This section concludes with Book XV in which Launcelot continues to struggle with his faith. Galahad meets what is called the Maimed King who claims to have waited years for the most pure knights to claim the Sangreal. The knights take the Sangreal to the city of Sarras. Following the death of the tyrant of Sarras, Galahad is made king. He dies in the presence of the Sangreal.


Percivale dies two years later. Bors returns to Camelot with the Sangreal. Upon his return from the Sangreal quest, Launcelot and Guenever continue their affair. Fearing they will be discovered, Launcelot distances himself from Guenever. She becomes angry and banishes him. Launcelot does return to save her from being kidnapped.

Le Morte d'Arthur - Vol. 1

Later, Launcelot is wounded in a tournament. A young maiden named Elaine falls in love with him and tries to heal his wound. She dies of a broken heart after being rejected by Launcelot. With 12 other knights, they trap Launcelot and Guenever in their chamber.

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Launcelot escapes after killing all of the 12 knights and wounding Mordred. Though wounded, Mordred brings the news of all of this to Arthur. The grounds for revenge are set. Sir Gawaine seeks his revenge and begs Arthur to go to war. The war ensues. Launcelot finally manages to gain a peace and is banished to France. Gawaine refuses to accept peace and encourages Arthur to fight on.

During the ensuing battle, Gawaine is seriously wounded by Launcelot. Mordred forges a paper that claims Arthur was killed in battle. He is declared king. He stole livestock, and extorted money with menaces. He was accused of rape on two occasions.

The Legend and Death of King Arthur

Leading a small army of men, he attacked Combe Abbey, terrifying the monks and stealing their money and valuables. Malory was arrested and spent most of the s in various prisons without ever coming to trial. He made his escape twice and was bailed out on two other occasions. Malory was one of a number of gang leaders who exploited the increasing breakdown of law and order across England. Central government was weak under Henry VI, who suffered from bouts of insanity. Local disorder thrived. When Henry recovered in , Richard was not about to relinquish power.

Civil war broke out as the houses of York and Lancaster fought for the throne in the Wars of the Roses. By , Malory had been released from prison and was fighting with the powerful Earl of Warwick on the side of the Yorkists. He joined a campaign to re-take the Northumbrian castles at Alnwick, Bamburgh and Dunstanbrugh. When Warwick later switched his allegiance to the Lancastrian cause, Malory followed.

It was a political miscalculation. In , he was specifically excluded from the list of Lancastrians granted pardon by the new Yorkist king, Edward IV.

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Malory was back in prison. Just five months later, Malory died and was buried in Greyfriars Churchyard — just across the road from Newgate Prison. Malory worked from a lateth-century French poem, adding some material from other sources, to produce his English prose translation. This page opens the third book. Malory goes on to describe the wedding of Arthur to Queen Guinevere. Loyalty had become an endangered virtue. In his narrative Malory compares the behaviour of its lords and ladies to that of contemporary nobility.

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Alas, said Arthur, my own dear father and brother, why kneel ye to me? Nay, nay, my lord Arthur, it is not so; I was never your father nor of your blood, but I wot well ye are of an higher blood than I weened ye were. Then Arthur made great dole when he understood that Sir Ector was not his father.

Sir, said Ector unto Arthur, will ye be my good and gracious lord when ye are king? Else were I to blame, said Arthur, for ye are the man in the world that I am most beholden to, and my good lady and mother your wife, that as well as her own hath fostered me and kept. That shall be done, said Arthur, and more, by the faith of my body, that never man shall have that office but he, while he and I live Therewithal they went unto the Archbishop, and told him how the sword was achieved, and by whom; and on Twelfth-day all the barons came thither, and to assay to take the sword, who that would assay.

But there afore them all, there might none take it out but Arthur; wherefore there were many lords wroth, and said it was great shame unto them all and the realm, to be overgoverned with a boy of no high blood born. And so they fell out at that time that it was put off till Candlemas and then all the barons should meet there again; but always the ten knights were ordained to watch the sword day and night, and so they set a pavilion over the stone and the sword, and five always watched.

So at Candlemas many more great lords came thither for to have won the sword, but there might none prevail. And right as Arthur did at Christmas, he did at Candlemas, and pulled out the sword easily, whereof the barons were sore aggrieved and put it off in delay till the high feast of Easter. And as Arthur sped before, so did he at Easter; yet there were some of the great lords had indignation that Arthur should be king, and put it off in a delay till the feast of Pentecost.

All these, with many other, were always about Arthur, day and night, till the feast of Pentecost. And therewithal they kneeled at once, both rich and poor, and cried Arthur mercy because they had delayed him so long, and Arthur forgave them, and took the sword between both his hands, and offered it upon the altar where the Archbishop was, and so was he made knight of the best man that was there. And so anon was the coronation made.

And there was he sworn unto his lords and the commons for to be a true king, to stand with true justice from thenceforth the days of this life. Also then he made all lords that held of the crown to come in, and to do service as they ought to do. And many complaints were made unto Sir Arthur of great wrongs that were done since the death of King Uther, of many lands that were bereaved lords, knights, ladies, and gentlemen.

Wherefore King Arthur made the lands to be given again unto them that owned them. But within few years after Arthur won all the north, Scotland, and all that were under their obeissance.

Also Wales, a part of it, held against Arthur, but he overcame them all, as he did the remnant, through the noble prowess of himself and his knights of the Round Table. Then the king removed into Wales, and let cry a great feast that it should be holden at Pentecost after the incoronation of him at the city of Carlion. Unto the feast came King Lot of Lothian and of Orkney, with five hundred knights with him. Also there came to the feast King Uriens of Gore with four hundred knights with him. Also there came to that feast King Nentres of Garlot, with seven hundred knights with him.

Also there came to the feast the king of Scotland with six hundred knights with him, and he was but a young man. Also there came to the feast a king that was called the King with the Hundred Knights, but he and his men were passing well beseen at all points. Also there came the king of Carados with five hundred knights.

And King Arthur was glad of their coming, for he weened that all the kings and knights had come for great love, and to have done him worship at his feast; wherefore the king made great joy, and sent the kings and knights great presents. But the kings would none receive, but rebuked the messengers shamefully, and said they had no joy to receive no gifts of a beardless boy that was come of low blood, and sent him word they would none of his gifts, but that they were come to give him gifts with hard swords betwixt the neck and the shoulders: and therefore they came thither, so they told to the messengers plainly, for it was great shame to all them to see such a boy to have a rule of so noble a realm as this land was.

With this answer the messengers departed and told to King Arthur this answer. Wherefore, by the advice of his barons, he took him to a strong tower with five hundred good men with him.

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And all the kings aforesaid in a manner laid a siege to-fore him, but King Arthur was well victualed. And within fifteen days there came Merlin among them into the city of Carlion. Then all the kings were passing glad of Merlin, and asked him, For what cause is that boy Arthur made your king? Then is he a bastard, they said all.