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Any new software will take a time investment to learn and set up, but once you work through our basic training and get your Infusionsoft set up, the automation will save you so much time and headache in the future to do the marketing. Further, we offer done-for-you and run-for-you programs that will get this all done for you! I have a way to quickly segment lists and send campaigns to customers and prospects, and all of the campaign content is provided to me! It had been over a year since we had spoken last, which shows the power of automated campaigns.

Save yourself the extra work and just start with the tools in place to save extra work later on. Not a problem!

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We have a simple process established with Infusionsoft now Keap to transfer ownership of the app to us so we can publish the Marketing Automation Platform into your application and provide support. You then pay us the monthly instead of Keap. We will facilitate the entire transfer process. The campaigns we have developed and will continue to develop are exclusive to this program and will not be offered anywhere else. Builders need to upgrade if they want to add campaigns.

No, but you can EASILY add that if you want that functionality, as well as other tools, such as an online calendar that integrates with your Outlook to allow prospects and clients to self-book appointments. We have a list of recommended add-ons if you choose to build out your Infusionsoft. Of course, just like you could buy all the parts to a car and build it yourself. Our team has put hundreds of hours into the development of our Marketing Automation Platform and have implemented this with close to MSPs and IT services firms.

It is proven and effective. Building a program similar to what we have designed would take significant time to design and strategize, and weeks or months to build, and the fine-tuning to test and prove the system is an ongoing endeavor. Learning to use a tool like Infusionsoft will have a natural learning curve. However, the learning curve for setting up the tool and building the campaigns yourself is notoriously steep! This allows you to keep your lists, reports, marketing campaigns and notes all in one place, and tied to each contacts record.

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A simple webinar used to take hours to prep, promote, segment based on attendance, follow up, and more. Now it just takes a few minutes for me in Infusionsoft, and if you get stuck, you have help from Team Robin. Mark Shehan Pioneering Programmers. All rights reserved. Terms and Conditions. You will get an exclusive offer for 6 FREE months of this amazing tool! When you purchase your Infusionsoft licensing though us, you get an additional user licenses included, making it nine users total.

When you purchase your Infusionsoft licensing though us, you get an additional user licenses included, making it five users total. When you purchase your Infusionsoft licensing though us, you get an additional user licenses included, making it four users total.

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This includes prospects, clients, farm list, any one that you would be marketing or upselling to. Call our office at , email Kim at kim technologymarketingtoolkit. Get one-on-one access to our team of Infusionsoft Ninjas to help you troubleshoot an issue or optimize your Infusionsoft. This does NOT include copywriting, custom build outs, marketing consulting, or other similar services. Not only will we guide you through a virtual Basic Training, we we also have short, on-demand videos will show you how to use every key feature in Infusionsoft.

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SEVEN complete and interlocking campaigns focused on helping you set up automated, push button marking in your business. Frequently Asked Questions.

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I already have those tools. It also collapses when not in use, saving a lot of screen real estate. Overall, other than the lack of features, the new interface is just so much better than the old one. They also seem to have ditched the drop-down menu, at least for now. This will give us a list of all the existing contacts in our Infusionsoft database. Those can carry any data you want about your contacts.

The notes tab lets you add simple notes to your contact, and saves it along with the date, time and the name of who created it. Tags later allow you to filter contacts or use them as triggers in automation sequences campaigns. Lastly, the billing tab lets you manually add a payment from the customer and associate it with a specific product. As for all the other modules, this module integrates tightly with the CRM. All sorts of data about this contact is logged into the CRM everything we explored earlier and at the same time linked to the deal associated with that contact in the sales automation module.

If your sales process is different, you can easily add, remove or rename any of these lanes. Each lane or stage also calculates the total value of the deals it currently holds and displays it. You can add multiple contacts to a deal, whether people on your team or contacts on the other side of the deal. They have extremely powerful email automation features. Broadcasts are mostly used to send mass emails, ideally when sending out a newsletter, for instance. Competitors at significantly lower price points have had it for ages. You can also choose to create a blank HTML or text-only email from scratch.

To test the email builder, I chose to create a blank email rather than starting from a template. The design tab allows you to control mostly color-related settings. You also get to define 3 more variables for your tests:. It would be awesome if Infusionsoft could decide on a winner based on how many sales it brings. Finally, you have a few buttons at the top right corner that do the usual.

The first two are fairly ordinary, the third is pretty intriguing though. So did I. I assume so did and do many people, because they have a convenient question mark icon placed next to the option. Hovering over it, they explain:. My hand is itching to test this thoroughly. The rest of the buttons allow you to preview your email on mobile and desktop , save your email as a template for use with other emails later, or test it by entering an email address to send a test message to.

All typical features available at most competing ESPs. Now for the second and most exciting part: email automation campaigns. For a full campaign builder terminology guide, click here. The campaign builder basically connects all the modules together and helps you build impactful sales funnels as well as marketing automation funnels. So in the example above, when we give a contact a certain tag, a sequence is activated by which they receive a series of 3 emails spaced out over a few days with a limited time offer.

This is a simple example, but you can complicate things as much as you want. A slightly more complicated hybrid of a sales and marketing automation approach would be:. A prospect visits your website, they submit a form asking for a quote. A sequence is then triggered that assigns one of your team members the task of following up with that prospect. At the same time, they are sent an email confirmation notifying them that someone from the sales team will be with them shortly. Now say this lead has turned into a sale.

A practical example of using InfusionSoft to create email sequences

This can all be created within a single campaign. A sequence can do things like sending delayed emails, tagging contacts, adding notes, creating a task or an appointment, sending an HTTP POST for developers or more. You can stack a ton of goals and sequences together to create really complex automation flows that not only automate marketing emails but sales processes and internal company processes as well.

While their shopping cart feature is nowhere near as flexible and powerful as things like WooCommerce and Shopify, their order forms can do the trick if you have a limited selection of products and services. The tasks section is super simple. Add a task, add notes, assign a due date and a team member to it. I assume the ability to create custom reports is currently being baked into the new interface.