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A ballerina's foot is discovered, and they discover that this murder case is not actually a murder. Henry and Jo begin to become closer just as Abe discovers a lead on Abigail. Henry tries to find out what really happened to Abigail after she left him; the details of a horrifying secret are revealed. A museum archivist rediscovers the dagger that first killed Adam, and is murdered, the dagger taken.

Working to obfuscate the existence of immortals, Henry determines that an antiquities specialist obtained the dagger to lure Adam, having learned of him from Mengele's journal. Jo and Lucas notice Henry's activities; both have heartfelt conversations with him. Adam shoots Henry with the gun that first killed him, intending that Jo will either discover Henry's corpse or witness his disappearance. Henry injects Adam with a hypodermic needle, then dies and disappears, resurrecting in the East River near Abe.

Jo finds only Henry's pocket watch, and Adam now suffering locked-in syndrome from the embolism Henry induced. Jo confronts Henry with an old photograph Adam took from Abigail's body, revealing Henry's timelessness. She demands an explanation, and Abe—-who had previously advised Henry that he would need a confidante after Abe's death—-urges him to "tell her.

The concept for Forever came from a conversation between series creator Matt Miller and his five-year-old son about death. After the conversation, Miller began to imagine what life would be like if a person was immortal but everyone else, including that person's own children, were mortals. That concept informed Miller's decision to make his character a doctor-turned-medical examiner who used his occupation for research into his immortality [49] [50] and Miller's decision to structure the series as a procedural.

Another series-long story arc explored how other people learn of Henry's immortality. Miller stated in an interview with BuddyTV writer Catherine Cabanela that he had never seen that type of family on television before, and he believed that it provide the show with an emotional element. To demonstrate Henry's immortality, Miller decided that Henry would die and would feel the pain every time he died. Anything on Henry's body would disappear with his body during each death.

The first person cast was Judd Hirsch as Abe. Hirsch was the first person asked about the role. Two days after casting Hirsch, Ioan Gruffudd was cast as Dr. Henry Morgan. The search for an actor to portray Henry was more difficult than Miller expected. She also liked the idea that, in contrast to de la Garza's characters on other procedurals, Jo had flaws.

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Reece was to play a larger role in the series, but her scenes were cut so that the episodes could fit time constraints. The DVDs include the deleted scenes. Moore was cast as assistant medical examiner Lucas Wahl. Moore and Miller met when Moore guest starred on Miller's previous series Chuck. Moore liked the idea of Lucas providing comedic moments to the series. Adam made his first physical appearance in the episode "Skinny Dipper", which aired on December 9, Beginning with the pilot , Miller structured each episode by telling two stories in the episode.

The first was a traditional procedural plotline.

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Both the father-son relationship between Henry and Abe [80] and one of the two season-long story arcs, Henry's relationship with his wife Abigail, [49] were told through flashbacks. When planning an episode, the writers started with the idea for the episode and determined the main story arc. They discussed which plot element could be associated with a previous incident from Henry's life and how the flashbacks connected the two stories. From there, they determined Abe's viewpoint about the case or his connection to the case.

Then, they planned the story on whiteboard. One plot device used in the pilot, Henry's pocket watch, proved to be difficult to use in subsequent episodes.

In the beginning, the writers would have Henry's pocket watch fall out of his pocket so that it would not disappear with the rest of his body. It became more difficult for writers to develop believable scenarios in which Henry would lose his watch, so they did not write it into the plot as frequently in later episodes.

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  • Miller and the filming crew had planned to film the rebirth scenes in the pilot in several bodies of water, but they could film it in only one location. Forever is also the title of a novel by writer Pete Hamill , with a similar premise: an Irishman is granted the gift of immortality by an African sangoma , yet must remain in Manhattan or the gift is renounced. Television received a letter from RadicalMedia requesting that the name of the series be changed.

    RadicalMedia stated in the letter that Miller's character, setting, and title were very similar to Hamill's. The letter also stated that Sundance Studios had begun to develop a television series based on the novel. As of September , Hamill has no plans to proceed with a lawsuit. Forever received mixed reviews from critics in the beginning. The site's consensus stated, " Forever star Ioan Gruffudd is appealing, but his charm can't overcome the show's gimmicky, unrealized premise.

    Brian Tallerico of RogerEbert.

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    When Miller pitched the show to the various networks, network executives compared the series to New Amsterdam. In France , Forever became an international hit. When Forever premiered on Spain's Antena 3 on July 15, , it drew 2,, viewers. The German paid-television channel Sat. During Forever ' s run in Germany, the series averaged 1. Among viewers between the ages of 14 and 49, however, the show averaged 0. In , TF1 began rebroadcasting Forever on July Forever has been nominated for three awards and has improved ranking in two online polls.

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    On May 8, , ABC announced that the network had picked up Forever for the television season. Over 8. Forever ' s second episode tied CBS' Person of Interest in adults 18—49 and beat the series in adults 18—34 and in women viewers. After the first two episodes, however, the series' live ratings dropped significantly to about 5 million live viewers.

    That, and Forever ' s performance in the 10 p. Forever airs a day before the U. Before the season finale aired, Miller and the writers proposed the storyline for season two to ABC and to Warner Bros. In the meantime, Warner Bros. Officially, the network cited that Forever ' s live ratings was the main factor behind the series' cancellation.

    The pilot episode drew 8. Forever had the 19th-highest lift in total viewers for the — television season. Television critics believed that live ratings was not the only factor in ABC's cancellation of Forever. American Crime had an average audience of 4.

    Forever , produced by Warner Bros. An online petition on Change. Some have had requested that Netflix or another network take over the production of the series. The cancellation generated a discussion on social media. When TVLine posted a story about the cancellation, it generated 2, comments, making it the third most talked-about story in the site's five-year history. According to one of the comic series' co-creators, the novel expands the fictional universe created by Miller by introducing new material and new characters.

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    In Australia, the first episode was watched by , viewers, making it the fourteenth most-watched broadcast that night. Miller revealed that Warner Bros. The same day, Warner Bros. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.