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Meditation can also be used to access inner wisdom and insight from your own higher unconscious or from a Universal power often referred to as God, infinite Intelligence, Universal Consciousness, or Source. It is also a powerful tool for accessing your creativity, your inner wisdom, and developing your intuition.

For most people, this means to close your eyes, slow down your breathing, focus your goals by repeating a phrase without being distracted by anything else.

School of Secrets Series

Most people have a resistance to meditation. After reading this post, and discovering the simplicity, and many benefits of meditation, my hope is that you will try it in your own way. Three of the sources of my greatest successes came to me while I was meditating — the title for Chicken Soup for the Soul, which has become a brand worth several hundred million dollars and the inspiration for the creation of the Transformational Leadership Council and for our Online Train the Trainer Program which teaches people how to teach the success principles.

There are many different forms of meditation that have been developed over thousands of years in many diverse cultures. I teach several of them in my Awakening Power audio program and you can learn one technique from the guide below.

The 6 Critical Questions for Finding Clarity

Learning to meditate is a journey, this guide will help you take the right steps. Download my free 4-Step Meditation Guide. In general, through meditation, you can do many things better. You make better decisions. Meditation helps reset your hormones, promotes faster healing, and getting sick less.

It can help create longevity for a better life, build intuition, and discover your higher purpose. Some of the spiritual benefits of meditation include greater awareness of the world around you and a deep connection to yourself and your purpose. During meditation, your mind quiets. When you first start meditating, you may notice that your mind begins to wander. This is ok.

What are the best meditation postures for success? You can meditate while sitting naturally in a chair. You can meditate sitting on the floor.

(Full Audiobook) This Book Will Change Everything! (Amazing!)

You can even do it lying down in bed at home. If you lie down you have the tendency to fall asleep, but do whatever is most comfortable for you. There are hundreds of different forms of meditation. I have explored in depth at least 20 different forms of meditation, including day silent meditation retreats. I now practice 3 or 4 different forms on a regular basis. Each of the meditation techniques accomplishes different things in my experience. Some are calming and centering. Some energize and analyze the body.

There is a form of meditation that combines all these into one that I teach in my Breakthrough to Success Training. Since I learned it from Betty and have been teaching it in my groups ever since. I find this technique to be one of the most simple ways to meditate. It is also, profoundly effective. May it support your inner peace and wisdom.

Physical Preparation: Avoid meditating on a full stomach, when overly tired, or while wearing restrictive clothing. Do not meditate while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Use your own judgment when using prescribed medication. Mental Preparation: It is helpful prior to meditation to prepare yourself mentally. For example: you may read, discuss, or listen to or think about something of an inspirational nature.

Environmental Preparation: Find a quiet time when you will not be disturbed by the telephone, doorbell or other interruptions. When you have moved into the inner stillness, all your senses are heightened, and a sudden noise can be a shock to your system. This meditation can be done sitting cross-legged on the floor, or as most people find more comfortable, sitting in a chair. Keep your body erect, feet flat on the floor, hands together in your lap. Let your hands touch together, fingertip to fingertip.

It is helpful if your spine is straight. It is surprisingly easy to relax in an upright position. Imagine a string tied to the top of your head pulling straight up toward the ceiling. Take several deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Then let your breathing become steady, rhythmic and relaxed. Imagine a pure white light coming up through your left foot, up the left side of your body, all the way to the top of your head, across to the right side of your body, and down the other side. Do this three times.

Repetition is simply the focusing of your mind on a single point. It is an essential part of meditation. It clears away the mental cobwebs and stills your active conscious mind. You can do repetition with your eyes open or closed, whichever proves better for you. If you use the eyes open method, fix your gaze on a single object. A tiny light or candle in a darkened room, a picture, a religious symbol, a mandala, the word Love.

These and many other things have been used successfully as the focal point of repetition. It can be a religious symbol, a mandala, a flower, or a peaceful scene in nature such as a still lake. You may wish to focus on a word, a seed thought, or a phrase that has special meaning to you. There are many, many phrases that come from different spiritual traditions.

Repeat the phrase over and over without letting any other thoughts come into your mind. Whatever focal point you choose on which to concentrate, let it represent your highest spiritual idea, never something materialistic. At first, your mind will quite likely want to stray. Bring it gently back to the focal point of your concentration. As it strays again, bring it back again. Almost everyone finds their mind much too active to settle down to a single point at first. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

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