Cuban-Latin American Relations in the Context of a Changing Hemisphere, Student Edition

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The Bildner Center has developed a number of programs on the dissemination of ideas, knowledge and cultural processes. This program area examines these discursive and dynamic exchanges through the agency of individuals and communities in transition.

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Transnational community political participation, in countries of origin and destination, is increasingly important to social, political, and economic life. Apart from political organizations and affiliations, transnational communities have a growing impact on regional finances. Remittances to family members across Latin America and the Caribbean have become a major, and largely undocumented, component of national economies. There is an increasing demand for scholarly and policy attention to this issue.

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The Bildner Center has long recognized the importance of the increased level of regional integration in the western hemisphere as a result of new bilateral and sub-regional trade agreements and a general convergence of monetary policy. Such accords reflect increased levels of cooperation and interdependence affecting financial, security, and development policy.

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The United States military has long had great influence in Latin America and the Caribbean both through ongoing collaborations between military forces and through direct interventions. In recent years, however, Latin American armed forces have developed more expansive regional roles through international humanitarian interventions such as the ongoing United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti.

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2. Key Issues and Debates

From the Spanish Archives of the Indies "The infantry does not amount to two hundred men, in three companies. If these men were that number, and Spaniards, it would not be so bad; but, although I have not seen them, because they have not yet arrived here, I am told that they are, as at other times, for the most part boys, mestizos, and mulattoes, with some Indians Native Americans.

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