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Mariah makes a perfect princess.


Mariah was able to go home on Friday evening, 22 December. Skip to navigation Personal tools. Christmas miracle: baby Mariah makes it home for first Christmas and first birthday 23 December After spending more than 10 months being cared for at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, baby Mariah has made it home just in time to celebrate her first Christmas—and her first birthday—surrounded by her loved ones. News archive Nichols ended up taking nine weeks, three weeks shy of the maximum leave allowed at TMH.

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Two weeks ago, she and her husband sat at their oval-shaped dining room table decorated with holiday plates and napkins. A 9-foot Christmas tree shimmered in silver tinsel and ornaments.

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She consulted her "Baby Center" app as often as she does her Bible. Co-workers and her Bethel Missionary Baptist Church family showered her with advice, encouragement and baby gifts. Her husband Charles, is the ideal stay-at-home dad. Fatherhood is different this time around.


He's not the Army drill sergeant raising children on his own after his first wife walked out. At, 67, he enjoys being a support system for his faithful wife who works hour shifts three days a week at TMH and teaches part-time at Tallahassee Community College. Whatever makes her happy makes me happy. The baby combs dad's beard with his fingers and plants wet, slobbery kisses on his bald head. Since then, the couple has tackled each day while planning for the future.

Swim lessons set up in April.

Taekwondo classes by age 3 or so. His parents will encourage him to play an instrument.

Miracle baby born weighing just one pound to make it home for Christmas | Metro News

They'll urge Baby Charlie to attend and finish college. He'll receive a full ride from the state if he goes to a Florida school. Wrapped presents bunch around the base of the Christmas tree at the Nichols home.

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They'll witness the baby's christening on Christmas Eve. For the occasion, he'll wear an all-white pantsuit and dress shoes. They'll take turns holding Charlie, who'll likely steal their hearts with every coo and cry. I just really believe that, and I tell him that all of the time.

Dec. 25, 1931:

Who knows if she was alone when he was born. Lorraine said there are too many what-ifs to count. She thinks of them all. Yet she doesn't judge the mother or the father. She prays a divine message may reach the mother to let her know the baby is in good hands. He'll have a good life.

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  8. Contact TaMaryn Waters at tlwaters tallahassee. Lorraine first laid eyes on the baby when she cared for him at TMH where he was brought after being discovered in the back of a pickup truck. Four days later she took him home to join her family. Caleb "Charlie" Nichols, chews on his fingers while his adopted mom, Lorraine Nichols, holds him.

    At seven months old Caleb Charlie Nichols sleeps in his parents room, but when he grows into his crib he will be spending the night in this room his father decorated for him, pictured Dec Caleb "Charlie" Nichols was found abandoned in the truck bed of a pick-up truck on May 6, He was hypothermic when arriving at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital for treatment. He was found abandoned on May 6 in an apartment complex. The couple finalized the adoption in September. Lorraine Nichols shows off her "prayer room" Dec The post-it notes lining the door of her bathroom closet reflect Nichols' prayers for a baby and her joy at welcoming Caleb Charlie into her life.

    Miracle baby and 51-year-old mum celebrate first Christmas at home

    Charles Nichols holds his son Caleb Charlie Nichols, seven mo. Now in his retirement, Nichols relishes she opportunity to spend days with his son as a stay-at-home dad. Lorraine Nichols holds her adopted son Caleb Charlie Nichols, seven mo. Nichols and her husband had been trying to adopt for several months when, in May, baby Charlie was found in the back of a pickup truck and brought in to TMH where Nichols cared for him as a respiratory therapist.