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There are classes on yoga or Pilates, or there are on-site gyms or pools. This started in the larger companies but we now see more such programmes in small to medium-sized enterprises too. Pay and conditions: Paul Dillon , an organiser with the Financial Services Union , suggests all workers, regardless of their workplace, should consider joining a trade union to improve their terms and conditions, and he argues that non-unionised workplaces may be less attractive to graduates. Pay is not keeping pace with productivity and the cost of a house is now several times higher than it was in the early s, but there are plenty of examples in our sector of where workers have come together to get a fair pay increase, most recently in Bank of Ireland.

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The report is based on more than 1, responses from employees and prospective employees. But what does this mean? What is the atmosphere like? What do people say about it when not being watched or quoted for a report. It includes simple things like a career plan and examples of how they can progress. Websites like GlassDoor.

What Makes You Stand Out Among Your Peers?

A recent survey of more than 14, students conducted by gradireland. The Hays report also reflects they want their company to have at least some sense of corporate social responsibility. If the company selects the right candidate but delays in getting the offer to them, their ideal employee may be gone.

Web applications may seem ideal for tech-savvy millennials, but the research from Hays shows that, actually, they prefer to speak to a human being and ask whatever questions they need to ask. EY is one firm that has changed its procedures, Deloitte is another, and more firms are expected to follow suit see panel.

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If a candidate is selected, they want to be properly introduced to and integrated into the company. This extends to the workload, too. This is all because they want work-ready graduates who have the basic people and work skills needed to do well. Gerard Brady , senior economist at the Irish Business and Employers Confederation IBEC , urges graduates to show employers clear examples of how they have used these soft skills, whether that was leading a project in college or taking on a challenge in the workplace. He adds that there are certain sectors, including tech, financial services, construction, science manufacturing and engineering, that are raising wages to attract the right staff.

While STEM and business graduates might be seen to have an edge, these firms are hiring across the board. Graduates going for a job today should be able to show that they are keen to develop themselves and adapt to what is needed. They are self-starters, demonstrating an ability to take initiative and not need constant direction.

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Deloitte, one of the big four accountancy firms, was gradireland. SmartRecruiters is your workspace to find and hire great people. Thanks for Subscribing! SmartRecruiters' Talent Acquisition Suite has everything you need to attract, select, and hire the best talent. Hiring Success EU returns, this time in Amsterdam. Over attendees will join SmartRecruiters to define the future of recruiting September , SmartRecruiters announces a new corporate responsibility initiative CSR , and three other moments worthy of a mic-drop. This morning, merry conference-goers were greeted by a classic case of San Francisco rain and fog.

Is it any surprise that the High performance organizations use SmartRecruiters' recruiting software to find and hire the best talent. Find out more about cookies. Hiring Success.

How to Sell Yourself in an Interview

Why do you want to work for the CIA? Tell me about the expectations that will be asked of you by working at the CIA. In what ways have you recently or currently serve others? He chuckled. Sign up for weekly curated content from Hiring Success Journal. SmartRecruiters SmartRecruiters' Talent Acquisition Suite has everything you need to attract, select, and hire the best talent.

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Sign up for our curated weekly newsletter, The Hiring Beat. There are benefits, monetarily and otherwise, to be gleaned from distributing the recruitment process workload across the office. If done correctly, you will save money, boost employee retention, experience less burnout, and more! Read on to find out the ways in which the HR field is moving in the right, collaborative direction. Getting the team involved in the hiring process pays off in terms of attracting the right talent. In fact, employees may be the best ambassadors for your company. It is obvious that taking the time to establish employer branding with plenty of team input will do for your hiring performance.

Testimonials from inside the workplace will give potential applicants a sense of what they can expect if hired.

This results in not only more candidates, but better quality hires that are already on board with the views of the existing employees. In addition to presenting the right image to potential candidates, working together also creates a better image of which candidate would be the perfect fit. Rather than selecting candidates who can hold the best conversations with the interviewers, modern companies are starting to think critically about the ideal hire.

Ideas from the whole team give a broader sense of who will mesh and lead to a more complete list of characteristics and skills to look for in a candidate. The key is to use this list of requirements the team came up with to form job descriptions that depict the ideal hires. This way, unqualified candidates are much less likely to apply, and you can focus on shortlisting the quality candidates for further evaluation, saving tons of time in the process.

Employee referrals are rarely implemented, but when they are, they result in more successful job matches and quality hires. With rules in place, employee networks can provide the perfect fit more easily and quickly than any other sourcing technique.