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Why do priests have sex with altar boys?

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Otherwise, they're getting nun. What did the altar boy say when he was in the shower? What did the priest say to the altar boy who liked chickens Cock-a-diddle-you. What do Mike Piazza, and an altar boy have in common? They were both catchers for the Padres. How do you get a Nun pregnant? Dress her up as an altar boy.

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A priest is taking confessions Thankfully, with him is a young deacon in training, so the priest whispers to him, "listen, I Pussy Green A man went to Confession in St. Patrick's Catholic Church. I had sex with Pussy Green last week. Go and say three Hail Mary's. Another man entered the confessional. An altar boy takes over hearing confessions A priest is hearing confessions one Sunday. So a man sits down in the confessional and says, "Forgive me Father, I jacked off three times.

Just say three Hail Marys and three Our Fathers. As a child my priest traumatized me. He cheated on me with another altar boy.

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Ten Catholic priests all die in a bus accident. When they arrive at the pearly gates, St. Peter acknowledges them. You might as well go straight to hell right now! Another Christian Joke A priest is sitting in the confessional when he realizes he really needs to take a shit. He peeks out the door and sees the janitor. In a small parish church, a janitor was cleaning the pews between services when he was approached by the priest, Father Michael. Father Michael asked the janitor, "Could you hop into the confessional and listen to confessions for me, just for a few minutes?

I really have to go to the bathroom, and the Widow McGee is coming.

She tends to go on and on but never really does anything worthy of serious repentance Little Bobby goes to confession "Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I don't want to spoil the joke for you. The Irish Catholics again. The priest in a small Irish village loved the rooster and ten hens he kept in the hen house behind the church. One Sunday morning, before mass, he went to feed the birds and discovered that the cock was missing.

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He knew about cock fights in the village, so he questioned his parishioners in church. A young priest is filling in for the parish priest while he is on holiday. A young girl comes in and says "bless me father for I have sinned". Father O'Malley decides that he wants to skip out on confession duty to play some golf The assistant says, "I'm not a priest and I don't know anything about taking confessions or what sort of penance to give people!

Just sit and listen. And when A Catholic kid goes into confession But who was the young girl? A Priest goes on a cruise English is my second language, so, please forgive me! So that priest is going on a cruise, and he needs someone to do his confessional work for him.

After a mass, he asks a guy : the gentleman accepts. A Rabbi goes to church to visit a friend who is a priest The Rabbi thinks to himself that he dose not want to wait around longer for the the priest, and taking confessions can't be that difficult, so he slip I am so ugly that.. I have been working as an altar boy for more than a year, and I am still a virgin.

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The old catholic priest of a small community is called upon by the church for a meeting, and the church sends a young replacement for the time that the old priest is away. This is, infact, the young priests first real service for a community, and he is eager to do his duty. He gives his first mass, performes it flawlessly, and during his sermon, none of the locals were bored. He is proud of his work, and wants to do more. So, he sits down on the confessi A priest is transferred to Chile A small town priest was recently transferred to Chile in order to help out a fairly prominent church.

Since the priest had originally come from a small town, the Bishop decided to make himself available in case the new priest needed any assistance. During his first week, the new priest was s The confessional. There was a parish church in a secluded village. The village feast was coming and usually it gets very busy. The only priest, fr.

So he got a young new priest to help him from the priest college. A priest sitting in a confessional really needs to use the bathroom So he peeks his head out, spots the janitor, and waves him over. Priest: "could you please sit in the confessional while I run to the bathroom? I'll be very quick! I have no idea what to do What's the difference between a rook and a bishop? A rook moves horizontally and vertically. A bishop molests altar boys. A Priest is hearing confessions and as time goes on, he really has to take a dump.

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As he finishes up with an older woman, he sticks his head out of the booth and motions for the church janitor to come over. A Catholic priest is on vacation so a substitute priest from another parish hears confession. I lied and also missed the Sunday Mass two times. Man walks into a Catholic church at night To his surprise, two priests walk up to excitedly greet him. If you'll walk this way-" "Hold up", says the man. Unch and L. I'm in a stupid joke, right?

A preist is in the middle of confession When a man bursts in yelling, "Father, Father! There's been a terrible accident out front and we need you to help console the people.

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A priest is doing confessional and really has to go to the bathroom. While he's in between people, he notices the janitor outside the confessional booth. A priest asks a custodian to watch the confessional booth while he takes a piss.. While the custodian is quietly waiting, a beautiful, long-legged blonde walks into the booth. She says "Father forgive me for I have sinned it has been 1 month since my last confession, and I have given a blowjob!

The janitor and the priest. A janitor is cleaning a church near the confessional when the priest pokes his head out and motions for him to come over and says to him, "Listen. I really have to go to the bathroom. I need you to hear confessions for me while am away. I won't be long. Wholesome Sunday joke A young altar boy is running late for service.