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And I can lend you money for your rent this month. Keanu: Please, take the money. In this example, one friend is asking another for help over the phone. Apparently the whole neighborhood had an outage.

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Web beacons function in general in combination with cookies and Avantida uses these in the same way as cookies see above. He might if he had pleased have called all his chosen to himself by a voice out of the excellent glory, just as he called Saul the persecutor; or he might have commissioned angels to fly throughout the length and breadth of the world, and carry the message of mercy; but in his inscrutable wisdom he has been pleased to bring men to himself by men.

Those who have themselves been quickened are sent to prophesy upon the dry bones. In order that this divine arrangement may be carried out, the Lord has implanted in the hearts of all genuine believers a passion for the salvation of souls: in some this is more lively than in others, but it ought to be a leading feature in the character of every Christian. I shall speak upon this sacred instinct, and deal with it thus: first, why is it implanted in us?

It is greatly to the glory of God that he should use humble instruments for the accomplishment of his grand purposes. When Quintin Matsys had executed a certain wonderful well-cover in iron, it was the more notable as a work of art because he had been deprived of the proper tools while he was executing it, for I think he had little more than his hammer with which to perform that wonderful feat in metal. No man among us can help God; it is true he uses us, but he could do better without us than with us: by the direct word of power he could do in a moment that which, through the weakness of the instrument, now takes months and years, yet he knows best how to glorify his own name.

He puts a longing to save others into our souls, that he may get glory by using us, even us who have little fitness for such work except this passion which he has implanted in our breasts. He graciously uses even our weak points, and makes our very infirmities to illustrate the glory of his grace, blessing our poorest sermons, prospering our feeblest efforts, and giving us to see results even from our stray words. It brings glory to God also that he should take sinful men such as we are, and make us partakers of his nature, and he does this by giving us fellowship in his bowels of compassion, communion in his overflowing love.

He kindles in our breasts the same fire of love which glows in his own bosom. In our own little way we look down upon the prodigal sons, and see them a great way off, and have compassion on them, and would fain fall on their necks and kiss them.

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The Lord loves men, however, after a holy fashion, he desires their sanctification, and their salvation by that means; and when we desire the good of our fellow-men by means of their conversion, we are walking side by side with God. Every real philanthropist is a copy of the Lord Jesus; for though it is too low a term to apply to his infinite excellence, yet truly the Son of God is the grandest of all philanthropists. Now, that God should, by the power of his matchless grace, produce in such cold hearts as ours a burning passion for the salvation of others is a singular proof of his omnipotent power in the world of mind.

To change sinful men so that they pant after the increase of holiness, to render stubborn wills eager for the spread of obedience, and to make wandering hearts earnest for the establishment of the abiding kingdom of the Redeemer, this is a mighty feat of the grace of God. That a perfect angel should cleave the air to perform his message is a simple matter enough, but that a Saul of Tarsus, who foamed at the mouth with enmity to Christ, should live and die for the winning of souls to Jesus, is a memorable illustration of the grace of God.

O mine adversary, I have pitted against thee feeble men and women, into whom I have put the love of souls, and these have torn away from thee province after province of thy dominions, these have snapped the fetters of the bondaged ones, these have burst open the prison doors of those, who were thy captives. Then is the enemy smitten in the house of his former friends.

The fury of the foe recoils on himself, love conquers, and where sin abounded grace doth much more abound.

As for Saul, who persecuted the saints, did not he become the apostle of Christ to the Gentiles, labouring more than any other for the good cause? Beloved, the ultimate triumph of the cross will be the more admirable because of the manner of its achievement. Good will conquer evil, not by the assistance of governments and the arms of potentates, not by the prestige of bishops and popes, and all their pompous array, but by hearts that burn, and souls that glow, and eyes that weep, and knees that bend in wrestling prayer.

These are the artillery of God, by using such weapons as these he not only foils his foes, but triumphs over them in it, confounding the mighty by the weak, the wise by the simple, and the things which are by the things which are not. Next, the passion for saving souls is implanted for the church's good, and that in a thousand ways, of which I can only mention a few.

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I have observed that churches which do not care for the outlying population speedily suffer from disunion and strife. There is a certain quantity of steam generated in the community, and if we do not let it off in the right way, it will work in the wrong way, or blow up altogether, and do infinite mischief. Talents unused are sure to rust, and this kind of rust is a deadly poison to peace, an acrid irritant which eats into the heart of the church. We will therefore by all means save some, lest by some other means we become disunited in heart.

This passion for saving souls not only employs but also draws forth the strength of the church, it awakens her latent energies, and arouses her noblest faculties. With so divine a prize before her she girds up her loins for the race, and with her eye upon her Lord presses forward to the goal. Many a commonplace man has been rendered great by being thoroughly absorbed by a noble pursuit, and what can be nobler than turning men from the road which leads to hell?

Perhaps some of those ignoble souls who have lived and died like dumb, driven cattle, might have reached the majesty of great lives if a supreme intent had fired them with heroic zeal, and developed their concealed endowments. Happy is the man whose task is honourable, if he do but honourably fulfil it. Lo, God has given to his church the work of conquering the world, the plucking of brands from the burning, the feeding of his sheep and lambs, and this it is which trains the church to deeds of daring and to nobility of soul.

Dear brethren, this common passion for souls knits us together. How often do I feel a fresh bond of union with my beloved brethren and fellow-workers, when I find that I was the means of the conviction of a sinner, whom one of them comforted, and led him to the Saviour, and thus we have a joint possession in the convert. Sometimes I have been blest of God to the salvation of my hearer, but that hearer was first brought here by yonder friend, and so we become sharers in the joy. Communion in service and success welds the saints together, and is one of the best securities for mutual love.

And, moreover, when now converts are brought into the church, the fact that they are brought in by instrumentality tends to make their fusion with the church an easy matter.

Book Review: Belief: What It Means To Believe

It is in this case much the same as with our families. This is no small benefit, for it is at once the joy and the strength of the church to be made one by vital forces, by holy sympathies and fellowships. We have spiritual fathers among us, whom we love in the Lord, and spiritual children whose welfare is our deepest concern, and brethren and sisters to whom we have been helpful, or who have been helpful to us, whom we cannot but commune with in heart.

As a common desire to defend their country welds all the regiments of an army into one, so the common desire to save souls makes all true believers akin to each other. But this passion is most of all for the good of the individual possessing it. I will not try this morning to sum up in the short time allotted to me the immense benefits which come to a man through his labouring for the conversion of others, but I will venture this assertion, that no man or woman in the church of God is in a healthy state if he or she be not labouring to save some.

Those who are laid aside by suffering are taking their part in the economy of the household of Christ, but with that exception, he that doth not work neither shall he eat, he that doth not water others is not watered himself, and he who cares not for the souls of others may well stand in jeopardy about his own. To long for the conversion of others makes us Godlike.

God does so. Would we fain snatch them from the burning? God is daily performing this deed of grace. Can we say that we have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth? Jehovah has declared the like with an oath. Do we weep over sinners? Do we lay out ourselves for their conversion? Did he not die that they might live? Ye are made Godlike when this passion glows within your spirit.

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This is a vent for your love to God as well as your love to men. Loving the Creator, we pity his fallen creatures, and feel a benevolent love towards the work of his hands. If we love God, we feel as he does, that judgment is his strange work, and we cannot bear that those whom he has created should be cast away for ever. Loving God makes us sorrow that all men do not love him too.

It frets us that the world lieth in the wicked one, at enmity to its own Creator, at war with him who alone can bless it. O beloved, you do not love the Lord at all unless you love the souls of others. Trying to bring others to Christ does us good by renewing in us our old feelings, and reviving our first love. Soul-winning keeps the heart lively, and preserves our warm youth to us; it is a mighty refresher to decaying love.

You must believe in the cause when you see the result; you cannot help believing when the evidence is before your eyes. Work for Jesus keeps us strong in faith, and intense in love to him. Does not this holy instinct draw forth all the faculties of a man? One strong passion will frequently bring the whole man into play, like a skilful minstrel whose hand brings music from every chord.

If we love others, we shall, like Paul, become wise to attract them, wise to persuade them, wise to convince them, wise to encourage them; we shall learn the use of means which had lain rusted by, and discover in ourselves talents which else had been hidden in the ground if the strong desire to save men had not cleared away the soil.

And I will add here that love to souls will in the end bring to every one who follows it up the highest joy beneath the stars. What is that?