A Son Of The Circus

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A Son of the Circus

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Unabridged Audiobook. Remove From Cart. Publisher: Brilliance Audio Date: June Death threats are nothing new to Dhar, a celebrity thriller actor in India whose films have at one time offended all castes and religions on the subcontinent.

Despite the elaborate whodunnit plotline, A Son of the Circus really has no ambition of being a mystery novel. Circus instead concentrates on the richly detailed family history of Daruwalla and Dhar with a dizzyingly large cast of characters interconnected in surprising and often hilarious ways.

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John Irving’s A Son of the Circus | The Satirist

John Irving goes India. Irving is up front in admitting that this isn't a novel about India, but the bulk of it and that is some bulk is set there. Irving uses the setting, placing his emigrant hero, Dr.

Daruwalla, in the country of his birth, emphasizing how it will "always remain an unknown and unknowable country. Many Irving standbys can be found here: Austria where Daruwalla got his education, and where his wife is from , Toronto where he now lives , dwarves, lots of religious mumbo-jumbo, etc.

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The story has several foci. One is that there is a murderer on the loose, and the book follows how the murderer is found out and entrapped. Irving does not handle this pseudo-mystery particularly well, leaving no doubt about who is responsible and few doubts about why, and not really convincing the readers to care. Another story line concerns twin brothers -- one a famous movie actor starring in the Inspector Dhar series, which are scripted by none other than Dr.