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They had no legal tools to achieve it. So what did they do? They created a non-legal, non-state, informal, unaccountable entity to deal with it.

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They had a problem. They wanted to solve it. They solved it. When I first read the article, I was talking to everyone around me about it.

I guess I read it more than ten times so far. The point being: Do you see how flexible they can be when they want to?

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If they had to, they would find a way. They introduce sanctions, they declare and extend states of emergency, they even create non-legal, non-state, informal, unaccountable structures when necessary! For them, the maintenance of the current socio-economic system is not negotiable. And what about us?

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How flexible are we in our personal limits? How flexible am I? And the maintenance of a livable planet, how negotiable is it for us? How ready are we to solve the climate crisis? We are now in Madrid, with activists involved in 12 organizations. We are exploring ourselves — sometimes more explicitly, sometimes more implicitly — in relation to all these questions. And we will come back to our collectives and our hometowns, and re-open all of these discussions with you.

PS: And this is a European example.

O dia que Bolsonaro quis matar FHC, sonegar impostos e declarar guerra civil

So it takes place in a rather democratic system. Then there are also other parts of the world, like Middle East or Africa….

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